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3D Body Scan

3D Body Scan services offered in McKinney, TX

A 3D body scan provides valuable information about the composition of your body. Kyle Knapp, DC, CFMP, SLIS, and the team at Kurv O2, PLLC, in McKinney, Texas, use advanced diagnostic tools to find the root cause of your health problems. They perform a 3D body scan to fully understand the makeup and mechanics of your body. That helps them create a customized plan that benefits your health. To learn more about the 3D body scan, call or schedule an appointment online today.

3D Body Scan Q & A

What is a 3D body scan?

A 3D body scan is an imaging tool that creates a 3D image of your body. It provides an accurate measurement of your body size, shape, and surface area of your skin. It’s an innovative tool that provides Dr. Kyle and the team at Kurv O2, PLLC, more detailed information about you. 

Traditionally, health care providers use your height and weight and a mathematical equation to estimate your body composition, which they use to assess health and risk of disease. Unfortunately, these tools aren’t always accurate or appropriate for all people.

A 3D body scan captures your body composition and the alignment of your spine, providing more valuable information about your health, and allowing the team at Kurv O2, PLLC, to create a more personalized plan.

What happens during a 3D body scan?

The team at Kurv O2, PLLC, reviews what you can expect during your 3D body scan at your consultation. The body scan is noninvasive, quick, and accurate.

The team recommends you wear tight-fitting clothing for the scan to get the best image. You also need to remove jewelry before the scan. The team may request you not eat before the imaging but request you drink plenty of water so you’re fully hydrated.

During your 3D body scan, you stand still while the imaging tool scans your body. The scanning may take a few seconds or a few minutes. 

The team gets the results of your 3D body scan right away and reviews the findings with you. 

What are the benefits of a 3D body scan?

Kurv O2, PLLC, uses the 3D body scan to evaluate and monitor your body composition, shape, and body mechanics. It helps them find the root cause of your health issues and monitor the effectiveness of your treatment plan. 

It also gives you a visual image of how your body changes when provided with the right interventions, helping you stay motivated. 

The team at Kurv O2, PLLC, provides you with a permanent solution to your health problems. A 3D body scan helps direct your treatment so you can feel better faster.

To schedule your 3D body scan, call Kurv O2, PLLC, or book an appointment online today.